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Peach Heart Flakes Slime Color

Brass Slime Pigment Powder

White Star Flakes Slime Color

Royal Blue Flakes Slime Color

Light Pink Heart Flakes

Minty Green Slime Pigment Powder

Sunny Orange Slime Pigment Powder

Antique Rose Gold Flakes Slime Color

Your favorite superhero can form the theme for your next slime project. Immortalize your favorite action hero or finding a mini figurine to squish into your slime. This is also a fun, personalized way to gift a slime to your favorite slimer. Toy manufacturers have been producing small figurines for decades now and the demand…
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For those of you who aren’t into the smell of gasoline or tennis balls, let’s just say that even though you can recognize a smell as something that shouldn’t smell good (it’s not a freshly baked cake, that’s for sure), somehow it just *clicks* for you.